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Is Quinn Perkins Really Dead? Theories From Scandal Season 7 Episode 8: Robin

Is Quinn Perkins Really Dead? Theories From Scandal Season 7 Episode 8: Robin

If you're a fan of Shondaland's Scandal, this may be one of the things that are bothering you now - Did Papa Pope really shot Olivia's pregnant friend during the midseason finale? Is Quinn Perkins, really dead?

There are several fan theories circulating online, these are some of the best and the ones that made sense:
1. Eli (Papa Pope) and Quinn teamed up and faked her death as their last attempt to save Olivia.
2. Papa Pope really killed Quinn, to prove a point and retrieve his dignity (and dinosaur bones).
3. Papa Pope really killed Quinn to save his daughter.
4. Quinn may have been abducted by other people and Eli took the opportunity to pretend that he did it. Again, it might be either for his dignity, his dinosaur bones, or Olivia.

The last part of the midseason 2018 return of Scandal (Season 7 Episode 8: Robin) stole the whole episode. You know, I love watching this side of Charlie. When he was introduced during the early seasons of this TV Show, I had never imagined that he would be capable of having a love life. He and Quinn really nailed it. I love their chemistry more than whatever's between Fitz and Olivia.

So going back to Scandal S07E08... Out of grief, Charlie went to Eli looking for a job. Eli, who was looking hesitant and worried, told him to think about it first... if that's what he really wanted. Suddenly, a baby cried and Charlie, who started to have doubts, went upstairs to check. It was a baby girl, like what his baby could have been if Quinn's still alive. The episode ended with him choking the truth out of Papa Pope.

Again, several fan theories came out:
1. The beginning of the next episode will be like Quinn entering the room (or going out of the closet) to stop Charlie from killing Papa Pope. Then, they will both explain the game plan to Charlie.
2. Before Papa Pope killed Quinn, he did an emergency section or she may have delivered the baby out of stress and fear.
3. It wasn't their baby. Maybe Eli was babysitting his neighbor's baby as a part-time job he took when Olivia confiscated his dinosaur bones. Life can be tough. The man needs to earn a living. 
4. The most ridiculous thing I had read was it was How to Get Away with Murder's Laurel Castillo and Wes Gibbins' baby. But before you say, "Ooooooh", their baby is a boy and he inherited his father's skin tone. The baby in Eli's crib is a white girl. (But don't worry people, a Scandal x How to Get Away with Murder crossover is still happening this season!)

What do you think? Does any of these theories is what Shonda had in mind? Or will she just kill off Quinn Perkins' character for good to further tease us and prove her unpredictability? Anyway, this is just all about our dear Olivia Pope.

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