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Spiderman Far From Home: Good but Quite Disappointing (Spoilers Alert!)

Spiderman Far From Home Spoilers

I just watched Spiderman Far From Home at the big screen, and my emotions are currently mixed-up. It was a good watch, but as the last movie for Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3, I was kind of disappointed.

Many had stated that Spiderman Far From Home will serve as an epilogue, giving answers to many unsolved mysteries that Avengers Endgame had left behind. Personally, it didn't resolve anything. However, it had a lot of tributes for Tony Stark which is quite reasonable since Tom Holland's version of Peter Parker revolved around Ironman.

SPOILERS ALERT.... if you haven't watched the movie yet, stop reading now.

I saw a grieving and a more matured Peter Parker in this movie. Kind of a b*tch at first, but eventually you’d understand why he was refusing to answer Nick Fury’s calls. Seeing the person who changed your life and became a father-figure to you die is definitely traumatic.

A new A.I. created by Tony (built with the "smart eyeglass" given to Peter) is introduced in the movie- EDITH (Even Dead I'm the Hero).

There are also lots of raging hormones in this movie. 80% of the movie revolved around Peter's plans to confess to MJ during their European trip. Happy Hogan's flirting with Aunt May. Ned even had a short-term girlfriend.

Mysterio was introduced initially as a new potential replacement for Ironman. There was even a scene when he wore Tony's eyeglasses and he creepily showed a resemblance to our favorite "dead" superhero. Fortunately, it turned out that he's a supervillain disguised as a next potential superhero.

Spiderman Far From Home Mysterio

Bad news for hopeful MCU fans - no resurrections (yet) this time. The post credit scenes were all related to Parker alone.

Yes, it was still a good movie. But if you're just planning to watch Spiderman Far From Home to seek answers from Endgame, you'll be disappointed.

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