Thursday, July 4, 2019

Possible Meaning of the Post-Credit Scene from Spiderman Far From Home (Spoilers Alert!)

spiderman far from home post credit scene

After writing a post on how disappointing Spiderman Far From Home was (because I expected more), what if they had really resolved all the mysteries from the Avengers Endgame on the second post-credit scene with Nick Fury?

SPOILERS ALERT! If you haven't watched the movie yet, stop reading now.

Okay. So the second post-credit scene showed Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill driving and eventually transforming to Skrulls (the alien shapeshifters from Captain Marvel). It appears that the Fury and the Agent Hill, who were seen handling Europe's chaos with Peter Parker in the entire movie, were not real.

The real Nick Fury was shown to be relaxing (or working?) in the hidden space laboratory where Captain Marvel found the rest of the Skrulls in her movie. What was he doing there? Why did he have to seek the help of Talos to pretend to be him on earth?

Possible theories are:

1. That post credit scene shows us that the characters we've been following along in Infinity Saga could be Skrulls, that there was a possibility that Tony Stark (or Black Widow who's having a movie soon) who died in the Avengers Endgame was also a Skrull. It was meant to tease us. It was meant to start chaos on social media.

(For hopefuls like me - no worries. If Tony was really dead, there are still 2 hopes - Time Travel and Project T.A.H.I.T.I..)

2. That was made to show us that he's onto something "out of this world". Assembling a new team of Avengers? An introduction to the Eternals?

Whatever it is - I hope Samuel Jackson has no plans of retiring soon. There are still more Marvel Superheroes to bring back or to assemble.

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