Monday, January 15, 2018

Secret Garden Resto and Cafe in Baguio City Review: Is it Worth it?

secret garden resto and cafe baguio city

I saw somewhere on the internet that Secret Garden Resto and Cafe is one of the top ten most loved restaurants in Baguio City. After exhausting all our energy in Santa's Village at the Manor last January 2, we went there to eat dinner.

We had to use Waze to find the place. It's at 34 Paterno Street, South Drive Road, Baguio City.

No proper parking area and the street wasn't well-lit. We still went inside, thinking the food may be worth it since the restaurant is on someone's top 10 list.

As the blogger behind the list recommended, we ordered Seafood Pasta, Beef Steak, Steamed Fish, and their Best-Selling Pizza (I forgot the name, sorry!).

secret garden resto and cafe in baguio city - seafood pasta

secret garden resto and cafe in baguio city - beef steak

secret garden resto and cafe in baguio city - steamed fish

secret garden resto and cafe in baguio city - pizza

Their serving sizes are small, aside from the veggies and fruits for their plating tricks. If you have a "deep stomach," Secret Garden isn't your place.

I love their steamed Cream Dory and their Pizza. The Seafood Pasta- not so much. I was tired of taking care of the shrimps and mussels before I could enjoy them. For someone who's been enjoying unlimited steaks in Pampanga for only P399 since last year, I would give their P450 Beef Steak a 3.5 out of 5 ratings. Same quality and taste, just the price.

About the service - the waitresses were friendly and respectful. We had a hard time getting their attention since they were all gathered in one place, and all we could see were their backs.


Although we enjoyed some of their food, I don't think my husband and I would agree to return to Secret Garden anytime soon. A bit pricey for the quality and serving.


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