Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kidsafe Philippines GPS Watch for Kids Review

Kidsafe Philippines GPS Watch for Kids Review

Unfortunately, we can't monitor our kids 24/7. We can't hang out along the corridors at school and watch our kids take their classes. In public places, even when your grip is as tight as the Hulk's, kids could still find a way to escape from your hands and sight.

With all the recent child abductions and crimes involving children happening around the country right now, I decided to look for a reliable device tracker for my son.

That's when I came across a Facebook post from a page called Kidsafe Philippines. I got curious since I found the first GPS Smartwatch for kids was 50% more expensive than this one.

Since my husband sports a black Series 4 Apple Watch, I purchased the same color for my son's watch because he idolizes his dad. This way, he wouldn't refuse to wear it. So I chose the Classic variant.

The only thing about Kidsafe Philippines' classic GPS watch is that it's not waterproof, unlike the blue and pink variants. Unfortunately, after receiving it, I only learned about this lack of feature.

It's still helpful in tracking and communicating with my son. I use the tracking feature every time he's at his tutorial class (you know, to be sure). He calls us every after class to pick him up.

I purchased a Globe plan with unlimited Globe-to-Globe calls and 1.5GB of internet. I didn't want the hassle of removing the sim card and inserting it into a phone to load and register from time to time. In case you ask, the watch doesn't send and receive SMS. It's okay, though - there's no reason for a 5-year-old to text people.

Other important details you may ask:
1. I purchased it directly from their Shopee account
2. The price I paid for this classic GPS Smartwatch is P2,150 (plus a P100 shipping fee)
3. The app used for controlling and tracking the watch is called SeTracker2. It's available on Google Play Store and App Store.
4. If you prefer the waterproof variant, don't purchase the classic one (black). Go for their Splash variants (IP67 Waterproof).
5. The watch is an "open line." You can choose any network you want.
6. The Globe plan I have for my son's watch costs P599/month (unlimited Globe to Globe calls plus 1.5GB internet).
7. There's no compensation for doing this review. :)


  1. Hi. Mom too of a 4 yrs old. Ask ko lng kung accurate po ba yun watch. Tama ba sa real location and time? I already bought 2 other watch, but sad to say hindi sya real time and malayo yun indicate na location.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes po. The watch is always accurate for us, kahit sa province. :) The only downside is yung time, naka-military format siya. There's no option to set it to 12-hour format.

  2. May remote monitoring po ba? For example. Naririnig mo ung paligid nia without him knowing na nkikinig ka?

    1. Yun po yung wala. Pero minsan po kapag kunwari hindi niya nasasagot agad yung tawag, automatic po na maaaccept yung call then maririnig niyo yung mga nasa paligid. That's the closest thing sa feature po na yun.