Thursday, March 28, 2019

Momo Challenge Isn’t the Only One You Should Be Afraid of on Youtube

harmful youtube videos for kids

As I had mentioned in my previous post, my son used to be addicted to gadgets. His favorite app was Youtube; to be honest, I was one of the moms who thought there would be no harm since I modified the app settings and all. But, again, like other moms - I was wrong.

When Momo Challenge became viral last month, I was waiting for the other evil stuff lurking on so-called “child-friendly videos” on Youtube to be published, too. Since Momo was the only one that became popular, I’ll share some evil stuff that my then 4-year-old son had encountered on Youtube. These, unlike the Momo Challenge, are not hoaxes.

Are you still letting your kids watch Youtube? You might want to see these first. (Warning: Don’t watch these videos with your kids)

1. Some Peppa Pig Videos

At first glance, you may think there's nothing wrong with this Peppa Pig video. Just watch and listen. Remember - don't watch this when your kids are around.

2. Some Bendy and the Ink Machine Videos

I was trying to look for the exact video my son used to watch. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anymore. It was scarier and more violent. My niece said it looked like the character was praying to Satan. The tune could attract kids, but don’t let it fool you. Listen to the lyrics. You wouldn’t want your kids to sing that song in front of other people.

3. Dumb Ways to Die Videos

Seriously, what level of evil would put this on Youtube? I remember hearing this song while my son was on Youtube. I ran and blocked the video (and all other similar videos) right away.

There’s even a 12-hour loop of this available!

4. Mickey Mouse themed Videos

If I’m a kid who just watched this video, I may want to try to set my sibling or playmate on fire like what the characters did here. After all, they’re smiling! What could go wrong?

Yep. That’s total sarcasm. Parents, please!

5. Some Innocent-Looking Cartoons with Porn Inserts

One day my son was watching a Youtube Video about alphabets and colors when two Disney characters suddenly appeared, and they were having sex! That was the last time I let my son use his iPad.

I'm having a hard time looking for these videos. But I will update this as soon as I find one.

6. Dudes Playing Live Video Games

While I'm not getting this trend, kids seem to love these videos of people playing video games while filming (or live streaming). Aside from the violence (their games may show), their choice of words while playing is proven harmful to small kids. There was a time when my son was in school, and he suddenly shouted, "What the f*(|<!". Since no one here at home uses this specific curse word, I asked him multiple times where he had learned it. One day he admitted that he heard it from Youtube. To think that the last time he watched on Youtube was already more than six months before that incident!

We all know how easy it is to use Youtube. Only one click and you would no longer have control over whatever your kid is watching. Fortunately, you can control the app they are using.

Youtube and Youtube Kids are no longer safe for them. If you can't make them stop using gadgets, download appropriate apps and videos for them to use and watch offline. Turn off their Wifi Settings and monitor their every activity.

It wasn't an easy ride when we made our son stop using gadgets. Whenever he saw my iPad, he cried like there was no tomorrow. But we didn't give in. We sold the iPad, and eventually, he learned how to play with his toys as every kid should do.

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