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Nanoworx Car Care Products and Services in Tarlac City: Highly Recommended For Your Cars

Nanoworx Car Care Tarlac City

If you're a car owner living in Tarlac City, you may have heard of the premium carwash shop Nanoworx Car Care Products and Services. It is at 30 Perez Avenue, San Sebastian Village Gate 3, Tarlac City, along the street behind Hotel Sogo and Geely Tarlac.

Nanoworx Car Care Products and Services is a premium carwash and auto-detailing shop in Tarlac City. Started in 2016 by a humble couple in San Sebastian Village, it has grown into a full-fledged high-end car care shop in the city.

As of 2022, Nanoworx Car Care offers basic wash, premium carwash, auto detailing, glass treatments and restoration, engine wash, nano ceramic coating, ceramic car tinting, graphene coating, paint protection film application, tail light wrapping, carbon wrapping, automotive LED installation, etc.

History of Nanoworx Car Care

The dream started in the couple's garage. The husband, already a car enthusiast, started a hobby that would soon become a part of his daily routine. Their old car, a 1987 Chrysler Lebaron, was his guinea pig. He is highly meticulous when cleaning. He wouldn't leave a spot, and a simple almost-invisible watermark annoys him. This was when friends and other people around them started noticing his skills in car detailing.

In 2016, they started reselling a new and promising line of car cleaning products. With the husband's skills in car care and the wife's background in social media marketing and search engine optimization, their inventory gradually increased over a few months. Customers started coming and offering money to detail their cars. Some were booking appointments to have their car washed. The husband took the jobs without any employees and got everything done single-handedly.

Then the pandemic in 2020 happened. All establishments closed. Since their family had already moved to a new house, the couple took the opportunity to renovate the garage and yard to make it look like a real shop instead of the dilapidated home where they used to live.

When the restrictions eased up, they officially re-opened Nanoworx Car Care. The improvements never stopped. In 2021, they bought a franchise of X-Films Ceramic Tint, one of the Philippines' most reputable yet affordable ceramic car tints. Their tint installer has trained in Qatar for more than 12 years.

They also carry other car accessories brands such as ATOM Premium LED and Car Professor.

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Latest on Nanoworx Car Care

As of today, the couple is preparing a small coffee shop, The Coffee Mom, to place in Nanoworx Car Care's customers' area. Their goal is to serve the highest quality of coffee yet very affordable to the carwash's customers and Tarlaqueños.

Because of the couple's love for coffee, they ensure every coffee bean is of the highest quality. Fortunately, the wife has relatives who own more than three coffee farms in the Cordillera mountains. They directly source The Coffee Mom's coffee beans from there to ensure freshness.

The Coffee Mom has been running since January 2022, offering premium coffee in teabags for consumers and resellers. We're only a few weeks away from seeing The Coffee Mom as a full-fledged coffee shop and trading business.

Monday, May 25, 2020

A Poem for My Son

mother and son

I used to write short poems when I was in grade school. I got an invitation to join a conference in Washington D.C. from 20 years ago. Since I was a young and competitive student back then and missing school wasn’t a great idea, I couldn’t go since the conference was scheduled for August 2000.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday, September 16, 2019

Communication Then and Now: Thoughts as a 90's Kid

Communication in the 90s

As a fan of the '90s, you can't deny that social media has become a great help— reconnecting to everyone, keeping us updated daily with what's happening to our loved ones, and most importantly, making communication more accessible than ever.

Here are some throwbacks to how we communicated during the '90s.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kidsafe Philippines GPS Watch for Kids Review

Kidsafe Philippines GPS Watch for Kids Review

Unfortunately, we can't monitor our kids 24/7. We can't hang out along the corridors at school and watch our kids take their classes. In public places, even when your grip is as tight as the Hulk's, kids could still find a way to escape from your hands and sight.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Monday, March 25, 2019

How We Dealt With Our Little Troublemaker

How We Dealt With Our Little Troublemaker

Yesterday was my son's last day in Kindergarten. As soon as the ceremony was over, his teacher sent me a text to thank us. Then she opened up and mentioned that my son, who was a little bully since Day 1, significantly improved his overall attitude and socialization with his classmates and teachers.