Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Meet Olivia - My Honda Civic FD 2008

Olivia - Honda Civic FD 1.8s 2008 A/T

Since my hardworking husband has always been busy with his carwash business and my eldest was about to go to school this year, I decided to purchase a second-hand smaller car that I can personally use.

We already have a family car, a Toyota Innova 2010. Since it's a manual tranny, I'm not confident driving it alone; plus, it's stressful to share things (what more with cars?) with my vain and O.C. husband.

Regina - Toyota Innova 2010 M/T
Regina, our Toyota Innova 2010 M/T

After two to three months of non-stop searching, we finally found my first "solo car" last April 5, 2018. It's a 2008 Honda Civic FD 1.8s A/T. I named it after one of my favorite female characters on TV - Olivia Pope (our Toyota Innova was named after the Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time "Regina Mills").

Olivia Pope GIF

For now, I can say that it's a good purchase. Aside from the Thermistor, Aircon Control Assembly, and a few minor scratches, which we had successfully removed with the car care products we're selling, there are no other significant issues.

I'm excited that I've already added a few car accessories: dash camera, Type R pedals, multi-colored foot lamps, DRL and LED lights, 4-eye backup sensors, car door lock covers (to avoid rust), seatbelt pads, German leather steering wheel cover, original Rota mags, subframe, and an "ornamental" JDM tow hook.

We also recently purchased an LED underglow, red Honda emblems, anti-moist side mirrors, and audio control for the wheel, but they're not installed yet. I am still waiting for one of my eldest's godfathers to visit and install them for free. Yup, it's a part of being a mom to become frugal from time to time!

Unexpectedly, I'm becoming a bit obsessed with dressing Olivia up. The only limitation I'm having right now is the budget. Therefore, I think #ProjectOlivia will take a few more months or years to complete.

Who knows? Maybe in a few years, there'll be a new set of body kits available because right now, my target is Type-R 2015 - and that's the latest on its line today. I'm not a fan of Spoon, CRZ, and Mugen body kits... so let's see.

Olivia - Honda Civic FD 1.8s 2008 A/T


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