Wednesday, December 27, 2017

ABC Hotel in Angeles City Review: Not for Everyone!

ABC Hotel Angeles City Main Lobby

This hotel booking was made by my sister-in-law last month before she received her US Visa, thinking she and her two kids would still be spending Christmas here in the Philippines. Before their flight last December 18, 2017, she gave me this 2-night hotel accommodation for December 23 to 25. It's a complimentary stay in one of the most expensive hotels in Angeles City. Who was I to refuse?

ABC Hotel Angeles City Building

ABC Hotel Angeles City Parking Lot

ABC Hotel is along Don Juico, Malabanias, Angeles City... the street where you'll see tons of foreigners walking with their Filipina ladies and girlfriends.

As we entered the hotel, I noticed the whole place was dark. No elevators, just a narrow staircase.

ABC Hotel Angeles City Lobby

ABC Hotel Angeles City Hallway 1

ABC Hotel Angeles City Hallway 2

As we entered the room, my husband immediately complained about the smell of cigarettes. The staff insisted that it was a non-smoking room, so the odor might be from something else. It's only our first day, so we just let it go.

ABC Hotel Angeles City bed

ABC Hotel Angeles City room

ABC Hotel Angeles City sofa set

ABC Hotel Angeles City Bathroom

The room is quite spacious. I like the bathroom because it has a separate shower area and a separate bathtub. There were lots of towels and two large bath robes. 

The bed is the best! Oversized, super soft, but firm! There was once a foreign friend (a friend of my sister-in-law) who told everyone that ABC Hotel's bed feels like heaven. He's right.

And as for the stuff inside the ref and drawers, you might want to keep them out of your children's reach. First, they're primarily for adults. Second, they were costly! A coke can cost Php100!

ABC Hotel Angeles City Refrigerator

ABC Hotel Angeles City Drawers

The accommodation doesn't have a complimentary breakfast. The price of their meals starts at Php 400. So it's good that restaurants and food stores surround the hotel.

We can see the pool, garden, and bar from our window.

ABC Hotel Angeles City Pool and Bar View

On our second day, we left the hotel to celebrate Christmas eve somewhere else. Before leaving, I ensured we locked our suitcases because we wanted to request some tidying inside our room. I put in a random code and placed it inside the drawer.

When we got back, the lock was in "000". We couldn't think of anything else but the idea that maybe someone had tried to open our suitcase. But since we were about to check out, we let it go again.

ABC Hotel Angeles City Suitcase Theft


This hotel isn't suited for kids and families. It's perfect for partying couples without kids. Php12,968.30 for two nights is a bit pricey considering ABC Hotel isn't for everyone. Obviously, they built that hotel mainly for foreigners.

Secondly, after what happened to our suitcase, I won't be personally recommending the place.


  1. We stayed at abc hotel with my australian boyfriend last month. I'm not a smoker so the smell of their non-smoking room bothered us a bit. And yeah everything's expensive. But the night life was fun so maybe we'll return here next time

  2. This also happened to us last year in abc hotel near clark. My american boyfriend's phone got lost.. and we're pretty sure we just left it on the table beside our bed before swimming sa pool nila. Ang mahal mahal ng lahat ng bagay pero di naman honest mga tao at di naman totally secured