Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year 2017: A Recap of My Life

2017 recap

A lot has happened over the past 12 months. Instead of making a complete list of "New Year's Resolutions" I wouldn't be able to follow, I'll make a summary of everything that happened to me this 2017.

1. After posting my 2017 goals on Facebook last January 2017, which included having a new baby, we found out I was pregnant.

We struggled with infertility for eight years. I had PCOS and stage 4 endometriosis before I got pregnant with our first child, which left one of my ovaries to stop functioning. We used to think that the only way to get pregnant again was to undergo another fertility treatment.

The only reason I took a pregnancy test last January 27, 2017, was to ensure everything's good before taking a slimming pill. Imagine our surprise when the test came out positive.

2. I finally got one of my dream dog breeds - a Shetland Sheepdog.

A dog owner gave up his Shetland Sheepdog because he could no longer care for him. We renamed the dog after my favorite character from How to Get Away with Murder - Frank. Unfortunately, we found out that he had been suffering from Heartworm and the treatment for this breed is different from usual. Before the vet could lay her hand on that "special medication," Frank suddenly lost the battle.

3. I landed a better-paying full-time project on Upwork.

The rate for this project is higher than my previous bids, and it's 80 hours per week. I also had other projects at the same time, so I got busier and was able to save up more money for my delivery and other goals.

4. My husband and I successfully started a car wash in our own garage.

It all started with the online selling of car care products. Eventually, my husband tested his luck by offering car detailing services by appointment. After a few months, he hired my mom's farm caretaker to help him wash cars, and they officially opened the gates for walk-in customers.

5. I successfully convinced my husband to leave his car club.

This may sound inappropriate for some, but I wouldn't do this for no reason. My husband was slowly getting obsessed with his group, buying everything he saw from his co-members, spending too much on lunch or dinner meetings (what were those meetings for, anyway?), and spending too much time on his cellphone and nonsense group chat.

Our weekends were no exceptions. Their team leader would always call my husband for a chit-chat. Another team leader from Pampanga, a lady, had also created a separate group chat and added my husband plus 5 or 6 other men so she could share everything she was doing with her daily life. This wasn't jealousy, but exchanging messages on the group chat was no longer healthy and necessary.

Our family got saved after he left. My husband's sanity and perceptions came back to normal. He has more time now for his children.

6. We finally have a baby girl!

Having a baby girl was my dream. We're finally complete! Although my husband wants to have three more kids. Let's see.

7. My dad got hospitalized for 2 months, and it was serious.

My dad is 87 years old and already bedridden. He was hospitalized from September to November due to a high fever and infection. While he was admitted to the Philippine Heart Center, he suffered a mild stroke and aspiration pneumonia.

The bill and medications almost reached Php 500,000, and we were already worried about how we could afford that. Fortunately, he got better, and his 18 doctors finally allowed him to get discharged and continue his medications at home. We, fortunately, received some "assistance" from two government agencies.

Before he got hospitalized, my nephew's (my sister's 24-year-old son with cerebral palsy) nanny was the one taking care of him. After he got discharged from the hospital, we finally found and hired a caregiver who'll focus on his needs, especially now that he's being fed thru a Nasogastric tube.

8. Improvements in our kitchen and living room were done.

We started the renovations last March and wrapped up the day before I gave birth last September. The reason it lasted for six months was that there was only one man who did all the job. He couldn't find anyone to work as his helper; apparently, he's more comfortable alone.


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